Lies Beneath - Anne Greenwood Brown
It took me a few weeks to finish this book. I wasn't able to connect with the characters the way I was hoping. The story line was great though. I was confused when I first started reading because the main character is a male, and the cover shows a female. Even with that little aspect, the cover is gorgeous. Calder, the main character, and his sisters are mermaids. Don't expect any singing crustaceans because these aren't the Disney mermaids we are accustomed to. They are ruthless and murderous. The relationships are odd. Calder and his sisters are pulled together every year. They can hear each others thoughts while under water. However, this only comes through when it's convenient. Calder is very stalker-like,and gave me the creeps most of the time. All of his actions seem forced. Nothing about him flowed with his character. On to the story. I really enjoyed the author's writing style, and that's what kept me engaged. Her way with words helps move the story along. I definitely liked that the mermaids were sinister. It's nice reading a book where things aren't hunky dory. This book also shows that there are bad people otu there that are capable of having feelings and possibly redemption.