Halflings - Heather Burch
Nikki finds herself thrown in the battle between Heaven & Hell. She has three guardian half-angels sworn to protect her. Tow of the halflings have begun to fall for Nikki. The choices they make could have them condemned to eternal damnation. This novel has the same premise as most angel novels. The main difference is this one throws in science. Nikki is the lead character. It was hard to connect with her. She is supposed to be a level-headed girl that also happens to be awesome in karate and riding motorcycles. She had moments where she couldn't cope with her choices or things that were taking place, and at times was very whiney. Mace and Raven were great characters. Mace is kindhearted and always follows the rules, until he meets Nikki. He constantly struggles with doing what he is supposed to do and following his heart. Raven is a brooding halfling. He hates the world he has to be a part of and all the unfairness of his situation. He's sliding further and further to the side of evil. The only person that seems likely to keep him from going down that path is Nikki. There are so many layers to him, but Nikki manages to break through his shell and see him. The writing is easy to follow, although sometimes I felt like I was reading a script. I did enjoy this book, and will read the sequel Guardians that comes out later this year. This novel definitely produced more question than answers, and I need answers. :)