Bloodrose - Andrea Cremer
Calla digs herself a hole when she decides she’s going to try to rescue Ren. She knows she will tick Shay off but tries anyway. Shay is learning what he has to do as Scion. He’s also trying to prove to Calla that he is capable of being her alpha mate. The wolf pack and Searchers overcome the obstacles thrown in front of them. Shay and Calla finally get all the information on what the Scion must do. Will Calla and Shay be able to stay together? Or will Cally lose Shay forever?This final book in the Nightshade trilogy had me laughing at moments, but also had me in tears. Some great people leave us. There are also choices and sacrifices to be made by others. I’m happy to have read this series. I like that it mixed witches with wolves.Sabine became my favorite in this book. She may be snarky, but she is loyal and will do what needs to be done without question. I think the ending was great. There was a sense of peace to all those involved.