Hallowed (Unearthly Series #2) -
After failing to fulfill her purpose, Clara finds her world turned upside down and doesn't know what’s going to happen next. She begins having visions in the form of dreams, only to realize that someone close to her is going to die. This was a perfect follow up to Unearthly. You learn a lot more about the differences between White Wings and Black Wings. There is also a huge surprise. I know I wasn’t expecting it. This novel was extremely emotional, and had me in tears by the time I finished it. I haven’t had a book move me in such a long time. I even woke up the other half to tell him how great this book was, and that he should pick up reading as a hobby. To that, he said don’t think so and went back to sleep. :P I highly recommend this series. I rated it 4/5 because I think at times Clara is extremely self-centered, and that kind of annoyed me.