Under the Never Sky - Veronica Rossi
I won this book in a contest, and for whatever reason put off reading it. Nessa ended up reading it before I did, and kept urging me to make time to read it! Well, I finally did and am so glad I decided to, I adore Perry. The book begins with action. This definitely pulled me in. It's told from Aria & Perry's perspectives. I like when books offer you more than one point of view so that you can have an opinion about everything that is going on. It's not one-sided. I also appreciate the lack of insta-love. The relationships are slow to build. It's not rushed, and I think that's what adds to my love of this storyline. Ah, the characters.... They were done brilliantly. Aria, is independent. She proves again and again that she is capable of surviving. Nothing can get in the way of her finding her way home. She comes across some situations that would scare the daylights out of me, but manages to keep her composure as much as can be expected. Perry is smart, and only cares about his nephew. He's strong, independent, and in most cases an amazing leader. He always knows what to do, and does his damnedest to keep Aria safe, since she's never been outside the walls of Reverie. Oh, and Roar, how could i forget him. He's funny, and incredibly laid back. The storyline is very fast-paced, and you won't find any lulls. It's a quick read with characters you'll love. If you haven't stumbled across this read yet, definitely grab it. (And yes, I know I'm super late to the game in reading this awesome book.)