Supernaturally - Kiersten White
Normal isn't all it's cracked up to be. Evie thought having a life away from IPCA would be more like Easton Heights. I don't think she realized how mundane it would be. Evie has all the snarkiness she had in Paranormalcy. At times I wanted to beat some sense into her. She makes boneheaded decisions and doesn't include those she cares about. She's also way more depressed in this book. I know it has to do with not seeing Lend as much as she wants, but good gravy woman, get yourself together. Life isn't that bad. I was surprised Rachel wasn't in the story more since she brought Evie back into missions. IPCA's new little accomplice, Jack, is EVERYWHERE. He reminds me of my son, absolutely cannot sit still. He also causes a ton of mischief. Reth makes a few appearances, and at times I was actually happy to see him. But I always go for the not so good guy. ;) We finally get answers to some of the questions we had in Paranormalcy. I happen to love getting new info, even if I'm left with more questions. The storyline, for me, was pretty predictable. That's something I can overlook when it comes to White's writing. She's funny, and keeps you sucked in.