Icons -
I started this expecting it to be slow paced like Beautiful Creatures, boy was I wrong. Icons is a great dystopian/sci-fi book.Dol is a character that grows throughout the book. At the beginning she's scared, and doesn't know what to do, or who to trust. She's also not sure what makes her so special to the government and rebels. She slowly begins to take on a strong persona. She wants to know the truth, and will stop at nothing to get it. She makes her closest friend mad at times, but knows that he'll get over it. She NEEDS to find out their purpose when it comes to the Icons. Ro is hot-headed. He lives off of being angry. It's not entirely his fault. It's in his DNA. Lima is probably my favorite character. She's fierce, and says what's on her mind. She uses her intelligence to help her, and her friends, as much as possible. Lucas got on my nerves, a lot. He's flighty, and downright annoying at times. He refuses to believe the facts laid out before him. We are able to learn about how Dol and Ro were raised. They lived a very simple life. From there we are swept into the life of the Embassy. Though the kids are treated like "guests" they are guarded non-stop. Each day they are there more questions pop up about why they have the emotions they do. It seems the only one willing to help is Fortis. (Who is awesome by the way.) They piece together the information they receive. They still make mistakes about where they place their trust, but figure their way around the madness. It's a quick and fun read. Even though there are many moments of uncertainty, you can't help but hope this group finds their purpose. I highly recommend it. And oh the end!!!! I need the next book NOW!!!!