Vesper - Jeff Sampson
I really enjoyed this book. I think the storyline was a nice change to the books out now that all have the same plot. Emily is a super geeky and reserved teenage girl. She doesn’t try to hang out or befriend anybody because of her best friend Megan. I wasn’t fond of Megan’s character. She’s incredibly bitchy when it comes to being friends with the “popular” people because of an experience she had years before. She seriously needs to get over herself. Anyways….. Emily has transformations into “Nighttime” Emily. I like this version of Emily. She has confidence, and is charismatic. She’s also extremely sarcastic which just makes her even more awesome. She’s the kind of girl I could see myself being friends with. This entire novel is told past tense, as Emily is telling her story to an investigator at Vesper Inc. You walk away from this book having more questions than answers, and I love the mystery that’s left to be unraveled.