Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1) -
Cassia is beyond excited to attend her Matching Banquet. After receiving the data card with her Match's information, she decides to look at it. The face she sees is that of her best friend, Xander. There's a power surge and the screen goes blank. When it comes back up, it not Xander she sees, but another boy Ky Markham. Who is Cassia's Match supposed to be, and which will she choose?For some reason it took me ages to finally pick this book up. I was obviously an idiot for waiting so long. I LOVED this book!!! I could not imagine living in a world where I was told what to wear, eat, who to be with, and when I died. Cassia blindly follows the words of the Society for a while, then she begins to wonder and question things. She has the strength to follow her heart and proves to the Officials that she will not break. I love Ky. I think I've found yet another book boyfriend. He has seen so much pain and destruction but manages to keep his head high and not let the Officials get to him. What I loved about this book is there was no love at first sight. When Cassia saw Xander's face she acknowledged that she loved him. But there was a past relationship between them that it was based on. She didn't just all of a sudden fall head over heels for him. Even with Ky the relationship is slow paced. She seeks him out because of curiosity. Then they work through different emotions. This was a great read, and I don't know why I didn't read it sooner.