Halfway to the Grave - Jeaniene Frost
Let me start out by saying, "I NEED MORE BONES!!" This is one seriously sexy vamp. He's tough, but can be compassionate. He's kind of like Eric in season 4 of TB. (Although he still does not replace Mr. Northman as the hottest vampire ever.) Some of the things he says made me blush and giggle like a school girl. While, we're talking characters I'll discuss Cat. She's a strong female character. She believes she can handle things on her own and finds it hard to rely on a vampire of all things. She makes rash decisions that end up screwing her over. Overall she's a great character, and the banter between her and Bones is easy and natural. There isn't anything that feels awkward between the two. Well, besides that fact that he's a vampire and she thinks all vampires are the most evil creatures on the earth. The plot was action packed. It kept me intrigued, and it was a battle to put my book down to go to bed. I loved seeing Bones & Cat work together to solve whatever their immediate problem was. They have different approaches to how they handle situations, but together they kick ass. I highly recommend this book, and I can't wait to read the next book. I'm sure more problems will arise.