Hidden - M. Lathan
3.5Hidden has a great twist on the paranormal. Humans know about them, but believe there are no long any magic kind alive. I liked Leah's character for the most part. The poor girl has always believed she's a monster. She has never had friends, and when she's thrown into a house with four other people, she's not sure how she's supposed to act. Leah seems to take everything in pretty well, besides being scared out of her mind that Lydia Shaw is going to find her. The only thing I didn't like abut Leah is she doesn't let anyone know what's going on with her. She always says she's going to tell the truth, but never does. That was the one flaw I found. Leah does act like normal teen girls. She's confused, and doesn't know what she's supposed to do. Especially when it comes to a certain boy. I also liked the other characters, but I would rather you form your own opinion about them. And anything I might say about them here could possibly tell some of the story. The storyline was slow in some parts, but I think that has to do with helping Leah try to adjust to things. There are also some major plot twists. I'm usually pretty good at predicting what's going to happen or any twists there may be, and found myself with my jaw dropping at some parts. It's fun being put back into the life of a teenager with zero social experience. Okay, maybe not fun, maybe interesting to be put back in those awkward situations, and getting butterflies, and all that jazz.If you're looking for a fun read, I definitely suggest this one. I'm interested to see how things go int sequel, Lost.