The Wisdom of Hair - Kim  Boykin
Wisdom of Hair is very much a coming of age story. It also has a Steel Magnolias feel to it, which I love!Zora is a character you either love, or hate. I have a feeling for her that's somewhere in between. When she decides it's time to liver her life away from her mother, she is so strong. Zora tries so hard not to become her mother, but there are times it seems she's headed down that same path. Her friend Sara Jane is pretty awesome. She's the friend all girls wish they had. She doesn't judge Zora for her decisions, and runs to her side anytime she needs the help. The pacing is slow, but in a good way. It's a lazy, summer day read. Zora doesn't always make the right decisions, but she's done great in deciding who to place her trust in. It's easy for her to make friends, and the ones she has will do anything for her. Emotions run high at times. There are times you are laughing your butt off, and times that you want to curl into a ball and cry. This is a very realistic storyline. Although it takes place in 1983, the same events still happen everywhere today. You just hope that those in this situation find a great outcome. I definitely recommend this book. Even if you want to tell Zora how dumb she's being, you'll still empathize with her. She does what she thinks is right at the time, and deals with whatever the consequences may be.