Of Triton - Anna Banks
3.5Of Triton picks up right where Of Poseidon leaves off. This book has a lot of Syrena politics throughout. It's definitely interesting to see how their governments deal with issues that arise. Emma has a lot of angst going on in this book. She doesn't know where she stands on land, or in the water. She also questions everything she thought she knew. She doesn't understand the actions of her mother. She also doesn't know how to deal with that. Galen did a lot of growing up I think in this book. He has learned that while he thinks with his heart, he also needs to use his brain. The storyline didn't grab me as much as it did in Of Poseidon. But it still kept my attention. Toraf and Rayna are still my favorite characters in these books. There's also betrayal, which always adds some juiciness. I'm not sure if there will be an other book following this. There very well could be, but we will see. Even though I wasn't sucked into the plot, I still enjoyed it. If there are more books, I will read them to see where Emma and Galen's journey leads us.