Sever - Lauren DeStefano
There are so many feels for this book. Seriously, the emotions run freaking high! I love this series, and can't believe it's over. The characters, as usual, are remarkable. Rhine is such a strong character. Although I did get annoyed with her about 75% in. I couldn't believe her actions. But her determination is absolutely amazing. Linden's whole view is forced to change in this book. He finally sees the truth of some of the things his father is capable of. If you remember, I absolutely could not stand Cecily. She annoyed the mess out of me, and I saw nothing but a whiny brat. She grows so much in this last installment, and now holds a special place in my heart. Vaughn as usual is my favorite character to hate. Although, I can actual see why he does the awful things he does. But mostly he's still horrible. Nessa, and I actually had a few conversations when I finished this book. We agreed on most fronts. Especially when it came to Vaughn. Reed is a new character. And I freaking love him. He's the same type of person that Vaughn is, except he uses his intelligence for good things. He finds ways to create. My emotions were all out of whack when reading this. I was sad, mad, freaking out, and terrified in other parts. There are also some shocking things that come up. We get to see how a lot of these people are connected to each other. And just, wow! The suspense, and intensity of the plot are great. I didn't want to put it down, at all. I stayed up until the wee hours of the night to finish. (I was also very zombie-like the next day.) The events that take place really change the way you view the world, and characters in this book. I can't recommend this series enough! I'm sad to say goodbye to these characters and world, but I'm looking forward to seeing what this author has for us next. Oh, yeah, grab some Kleenex. You'll need them.