Of Poseidon - Anna Banks
I really enjoyed this book. Even the hubby acted interested when I was gabbing to him about it. It's a fresh spin on mer-... I mean Syrena, and a quick, fun read.I love that we get to see things from both Galen and Emma's perspectives. It's always interesting to see what each party is thinking during situations. Each of the characters also has a story. Their personalities make them great throughout the book. I also like how there wasn't insta-love. There were attracted to each other from the first meeting, but then Emma pretty much gets aggravated with Galen. The history of the Syrena was awesome. I loved learning about their cultures, and why they became enemies. Each character had something to bring to the story. Emma is passionate, and fierce. She tries her best to do what's right for her. Galen is a pain in the butt. He seems like a great guy, and he is at times, but he's bossy, and a jerk too. He doesn't understand boundaries or requests. Toraf, Galen's best friend, is awesome. He's funny, and you can always count on him to lighten to mood. Rayna is Galen's sister. She's got a major temper, and doesn't like others telling her what to do. Although it's predictable, it's an easy read. We're opened up to a new underwater world, and get to see some fantastic places. I suggest this book to anyone that likes mermaid books, or is wanting a little romance in your life!