Deer in Headlights - Staci Hart
3.5I've always been intrigued by mythology. I love reading stories that are based around it, especially Greek mythology. This story has some of our favorite Gods and Goddesses, except with a twist.What do the Gods do to pass their time lounging about in Olympus, oh yeah, that's right they place bets, and play games using humans. This may seem kind of cruel, but it was entertaining. It was almost like watching a reality show. You know, the train wrecks you can't take your eyes off of?? There is a lot of quirky humor in it, and I really enjoyed that. The fact that Aphrodite has to work her butt of to try to keep Apollo from winning is even better. The goddess of love shouldn't have to work so hard to make people fall in love. We get glimpses into the lives of the gods, past and present, while also watching the ups and downs of Dean and Lex. I like the spin Hart put on the gods. Especially the looks into their pasts. It makes them seem more human, and you realize how much pain and other emotions they've dealt with through their long lives. The story moves along pretty quickly. I mean there is a time limit for this relationship to happen. There are ups and downs, fear of being hurt, and fear of stepping into the unknown. We can see why Dean and Lex have come to be who they are. And we hope that they can get over the hurdles set before them to become an item.As I said before, I love the spin, and found myself rooting for both gods to win. But you'll have to read the book to see the outcome!