Radiant -
3.5This novella is told from Angela and Clara's POV. It was nice getting a peek into Angela's head. I liked her a lot before this novella, but now she kind of grates on my nerves. She's selfish, and only thinks of herself. She drove me batty. Clara only tries to her BFF, but Angela doesn't see it that way. She acts like a complete drama queen. But like I said, it was nice getting into her head. We also get to meet the mysterious Italian boyfriend. And wow, that took me by surprise. I will say I think this summer trip is going to put a small rift in their friendship, but hopefully it's something they can completely overcome. And there is a moment of foreshadowing. I wonder if this angel has anything to do with plot of Boundless. I really hope not, and that Angela has better judgement about people. But I have a nagging feeling, her trust is going to put her and her friends in danger. Favorite Quotes: "Does it make me a bad person that I find it funny, the way she stares off into space, a single strand of spaghetti stuck to her chin?" - Kindle Location 34-36 "'I never fit in with the others,' he says after a thought pause. 'Never." ~ Kindle Location 941-942 (So sad that even an angel can feel left out.) "Trust an angel to make eternity sound like a huge bummer." ~ Kindle Location 959-960