Texas Gothic - Rosemary Clement-Moore
I tend to adore books that take place in my home state. I don't even know the area that Texas Gothic takes place in but it's in Texas so it was definitely worth a shot. I also met Rosemary Clement-Moore, and she's fabulous. :D The description had me at witch, and I love books that involve them. Amy is an intelligent, level-headed girl. She tries her best to be normal, but it's not easy at Goodnight Farm. She's attracted the attention of a ghost, and she's not happy about it. Ben is the hottie next door. He and Amy clash because he refuses to believe in any sort of magic. Although I found this frustrating since Amy is trying to be as normal as possible, but whatevs. :P I admire Ben because he's strong when his family needs him. The author has done a magnificent job of creating characters. Each one is full of depth, and could easily have their own spinoff stories. I loved the family dynamic. Phin and Amy are sisters. Phin is older, although less mature in many ways. Phin doesn't know how to socialize with people, and had me giggling throughout the book. It reminded me a lot of how my siblings and I behave around each other. The pacing was great, and nothing felt rushed. Just when you think things will be calm, the ghost decides to strike. There are quite a few twists. Events take place that I wasn't expecting at all. Texas Gothic was a fun ghost story. I recommend for those that like a lot of sarcasm in their MC. Great, Fun, Light!