Astarte's Wrath - Trisha Wolfe
This is the prequel to Destiny's Fire. I haven't read DF yet, so this can most definitely be read on it's own. I loved Astarte's Wrath. It has romance, action, and history.I love our MC, Star. She's a fierce warrior, and loyal. Her only draw back is she thinks too much, and ignores what her heart is telling her. I loved being in her head, though. She's intelligent. And, while she knows she has people to answer to, she doesn't blindly follow them. The ability to think for one's self is my favorite characteristic in heroines. Now on to hotness one and two: Xarion and Phoenix. Xarion is pure awesome. As the next Pharaoh in line, he doesn't act stuck up. He's able to laugh at himself, and show compassion to others. His decisions may seem silly at times, but he leads with this heart. This totes makes him swoonworthy. Phoenix is is a straight up man whore. I admire that he doesn't hide the fact that he likes to have fun. He's also hilarious. He's full of awesome one-liners. Phoenix is beyond loyal. Star is one of his best friends, and he would do anything for her. I loved the history and research put into this story. The Kythan Guardians are warriors I've never heard of before, and I was intrigued from the beginning. Add in the fact that it takes place in Alexandria during Cleopatra's reign, and I was hooked. Trisha does a wonderful job getting her message across. Her writing is beautiful and keeps you pulled into the events taking place. She manages to throw your emotions every which way. One minute you're laughing, then crying; and jolted back and forth between suspense and utter joy. I highly recommend Astarte's Wrath. I'll be reading Destiny's Fire, ASAP. I have to know what happens next.