Shattered Souls -
Mary Lindsey pulled me right in from the very first page. This is another of those Texas reads that I absolutely love. Shattered Souls takes place in the Houston/Galveston area. It's definitely a great setting. In Houston you have the bustling energy of people going to school/work wherever, and in Galveston you get more of a laid back feel. Although a lot of creepy stuff happens to Lenzi in both places. The characters were awesome. Lenzi is haunted by voices and visions. She fears she will become like her father, and doesn't want that to happen at all. Besides the fact that she's freaking out about hearing the voices, Lenzi is pretty level-headed. She tries not to make rash decisions. Although having to trust Alden is a big step for her. She thinks he's crazy, and a creeper. Until she realizes just how much he can help her. Alden...... *swoon* Can that be all that I say about him???? No??? Okay, then. At times he seems very arrogant, and that annoyed me to no end. But really he's just trying to protect himself and Lenzi. He feels awful about what happened so many years past, and doesn't know how to channel that. He blames himself for a lot of things. So, I guess he's got that tortured soul kind of thing going on. Now Zak, to me, was a complete D-bag. Even though he had strong feelings for Lenzi he kind of acted like a jerk most of the time. The storyline is great. You don't even realize how fast you are reading the book. I finished it in a day or so, and was like what the..... There are a few things that are predictable, but some that aren't. There are secrets that I didn't think possible. And holy hell, this awful spirit terrorizes Lenzi in some pretty awful ways. I loved the ghost/spirit aspect, and was laughing my butt off during one scene in the book. You won't want to put this down, at all! Now if only 2014 wasn't so far away for the sequel.