Fixer - Gene Doucette
I do believe Corrigan Bain is my new fave character that Doucette has written. I used to love Adam from The Immortal books, but nope Corrigan is pretty epic.Fixer is written in various points of view. Corrigan's is the main one, but we are able to see into other characters that effect the events that transpire. It's an awesome mystery with creepy factor.Corrigan is our main character. He's able to see the future and tries to keep people from getting hurt. He shows up at just the right time to save unsuspecting people. He doesn't allow himself to get close to anyone. He figures nobody can really understand his abilities so why bother. He thinks he can do it all, and when he fails he takes it personally. Seeing through his eyes can be sensory overload at times. You're seeing both the present and future. Maggie, his buddy (in more ways than one) from the FBI, comes to him to help with a case. I connected with her pretty quickly. She knows that their relationship is nothing more than occasionally ending up staying the night with Corrigan. I think she wants more though. She's a fiery red-head with little filter. She pretty much says what's on her mind to those she knows.The plot is fast paced. You get glimpses of what happened in the past, and what is happening now. Things that happened to Corrigan as a child come into play in the present. We get to see how he was raised for a period of time in his life. It's definitely odd. But important in how he chooses to live his life as an adult. The bad guy is super creepy. I definitely had trouble sleeping when I was reading before bedtime, especially when I got to a certain part in Corrigan's childhood. Freaking creepy!!! My only complaint was that some of the scientific terminology used by the MIT staff was over my head. But I got the gist of what was being said.If you are looking for a mystery with some otherworldliness to it, definitely grab this. Doucette does a great job of bringing his characters and story to life.