Hysteria - Megan Miranda
This book holds quite a bit of mystery. You never really know what's really happening to Mallory. Is she crazy, or are there really ghosts of the incident with Brian haunting her? Mallory is a girl that is beyond confused. She doesn't remember anything but the blood the night Brian died. Not only is she stalked by his ghost, but also his mother. She also feels as though her parents are now afraid of her. They behave differently around her, and aren't sure how to show their support. The story line moves pretty quickly. Most of the story is how she reacts to different situations. She's not sure how she's supposed to fit in at this new school filled with so many people who judge her without really knowing her. She seems to only have one person who wants to be around her, but she doesn't want to drag him into the place she is in now. She's terrified to let herself feel anything. Throughout the book she begins to remember some things from that night. Slowly things begin to piece themselves together. These memories just might break down the walls she has built around herself involving that frightful night. Some of the times that Mallory feels the looming presence of Brian gave me the heebie jeebies. The sense of dread snuck up on her, and was very ominous. While this book didn't have the chill factor that I was expecting, I did enjoy the story line. It was easily digested. I also have come to love Miranda's writing. She has a way with words that just pulls you in. I am anxious to read more of her work. 3 1/2