Soulbound: A Lone Star Witch Novel -
Most folks know that I'm a huge fan of Tracy Deebs. Her adult books are under her pen name, Tessa Adams. She has a way of bringing you full force into her books, and Soulbound is no different.Amazing is about all I can say. Xandra is such a great character. She doesn't give in to her mother's craziness. And believe me, her mother comes up with some doozies to try to bring Xandra's power out. Xandra is opinionated and quite the smart ass. In other words, I FREAKING LOVE HER. She does everything she can to keep herself, and her life, away from magic. Declan is pretty amazing. He's HAWT!!!! That fits my main criteria. :P He may seem like a jerk, but he really does care. He just has really odd ways of showing it. I think a lot of it is he doesn't want to get hurt by anyone.The plot is pretty fast paced. Dead bodies are stacking up pretty quickly. Xandra can't figure out what she has to do with these murders, and it seems she has magic that is going crazy. There are so many twists, and I was very happy with the outcome. I couldn't put it down, and ended up reading until 3 AM to finish it. The 2nd book come out in December, according to goodreads. I can't help but grumble about how far away that is.