Painted Memories - Loni Flowers
Loni Flowers is one of the reasons I keep coming back to contemporary books. I really enjoyed her debut, Taking Chances. This new novel is no different. I adored it just as much. There are bad thing that happen in this novel, but overall, it's very much a feel good book. Lilly moved to a new town to start over. It takes her a bit to find her groove. Lilly likes to keep things simple. She's not looking for love, or any kind of relationship. She just needs space from her father, and his views. Lilly spends most of the book trying to free herself of the guilt over her brother's death. She doesn't feel like she deserves the things she has when he's gone. I've never been in this position, but I'm sure it's incredibly hard to get through. She's a great character that you can empathize with. You feel her pain, and at some moments, complete joy. She's completely confused about who she is and should be. She finally finds some balance when she meets a friend, and runs into a guy. Most of the book is focused around her feelings for Drew, and if she's confident in herself and their relationship. There are a few big arguments that take place, and it makes everything seem more realistic. Painted Memories is a quick read, and with the turmoil Lilly puts herself through you really feel for her situation. You hope she can find her happy place with herself, her relationship, and her family.