Her Sweetest Downfall (Forever Girl, #1.5) - Rebecca  Hamilton
I'm so happy we finally get to learn a little bit about Ophelia. When we met her in Forever Girl, she was full of this mysterious past. But it's not mysterious anymore. ;)The plot was very carried out very quickly. Ophelia finds herself thrown into this world she doesn't completely believe is real. Ophelia comes to terms fast with what her mark means pretty fast. One day she's completely against it, and the next she's like "Let's do this." My only complaint is her feelings toward Ethan were extremely strong even after they had just met. I do, however, like their loyalty to each other. Ethan will do whatever possible in order to make sure Ophelia completes her task. Also on Callista. I knew she was vindictive, but wow! I was glad we got that little snippet of who she really is. Just sayin'. I was not expecting that. This is a great novella in the Forever Girl series. It adds more knowledge, and I always think that's a great thing. Ophelia learns some truths to finally put her thoughts about her mother to rest.