Demons of the Rich and Famous (Caden Butcher, #1) - Tawny Stokes
This was a quick read that captured my attention the entire way through.The characters were great. Caden has many faults, and knows some of them would really piss his dad off. He's arrogant when it comes to his work as an exorcist. Although, that's not real most of the time. Caden was morally flawed at tomes, but honestly, who can blame him. He spent an entire year in hell with demons that didn't really care for him. I loved seeing him grow throughout the book. Butcher became a little wiser, and hopefully learns to make better decisions. Dan, the demon, was pretty likeable. He's very nonchalant, and doesn't seem to let things rattle him. There are times you question his loyalty to Caden, though. I found it hard to relate to Aspen. She seems cold, and doesn't like to open up. I do hope to see more of her character, and get her story.There aren't many boring spots. There's always some type of action. Many times it leads to Caden getting his butt kicked, which is why I like his character so much. He's human, and flawed. This could easily be a stand alone, but I believe there will be more. I'm pretty excited about that and hope to delve deeper into Aspen and Dan's lives. It would definitely help us to know why they act the way they do.