When We Collide - A.L. Jackson
It's been a while since I've read a book that affected me so much. There were times I was heartbroken, then filled with joy, followed by getting knocked down a peg or two and sobbing.In many ways Will doesn't really grow up until close to the end of the book. He's still that scared boy with a secret. His family is everything it should be. Loving parents and a sibling who's there for you no matter what. Past events shaped him to be a cold man devoid of feelings. Spending time with this family helped Will soften up and realize he still wants what he wanted all those years prior. Maggie is an exceptional character. She has gone through so many horrible things in her life. Even though she tries to keep her real self hidden, I admire her strength. She's endured so much to make things better for little sister, and her family. Jackson brings forward the ugly truths about domestic violence. Most choose to turn their heads and not acknowledge the problem. It just takes that one person who cares enough to risk anything in order to help. Can love overcome the obstacles put before Will & Maggie???Grab tissues you WILL need them. Just sayin'.