Doomed - Tracy Deebs
This book was so hard for me to put down. I literally shirked all responsibilities to finish it! I'm a huge fan of Tracy Deebs' Tempest Series, so I had to see what Doomed was about. Pandora is a great main character. She hasn't seen her father in years, and her mom is constantly on business trips. She's so lonely. There is so much pain and anger deep inside her, but she manages to keep on truckin'. She also has faults, she mentions again and again how she wouldn't have made it as far as she had without Theo and Eli. She also wanted to give up many times. But again, she kept on truckin'. She knows the difference between right & wrong, and always tries to step in to help others that for whatever reason can't help themselves. My only complaint is that she is a little whiny sometimes. Even with all of her insecurities and pain, she has plenty of bad-ass moments. Now on to our boys...... I absolutely LOVE Theo!!!!! He's a strong male, and he's very intelligent. He's constantly thinking ahead to ensure they get to their destination. He can have a bit of a temper, but he has his reasons. He's great looking, but that's not what makes him a great character. He has empathy, and will do whatever it takes to help Pandora on her quest. Eli on the other hand is kind of arrogant, and thinks he's God's gift to women, basically. He's kind of shallow. He's been hurt too, but instead of using that to become a better person, he hides the anger, and makes everything a joke. He's also pretty immature. He does stand up for a certain someone though, and that made me have a little bit more of respect for him. Although these kids have to play a video game to advance, there is still a lot of action that goes on in the real world. Pandora, Theo and Eli are thrown into terrifying situations. After the worm was released, things got scary. Many of the people showed how truly evil they could be. Those folks made me question how we would be as a society, and honestly kills a little of my hope. There were those few good people, that still helped when they had nothing that melted my heart. The action is pretty continual. The way they had to move around constantly reminded me a lot of Lara Croft. I don't know why, it just did. I can totally picture Pandora with gun holsters on her legs. I'm odd I know. You'll never be left bored, that's for sure. This is a top read for 2013 for me. The plot was unique, and you could connect with the characters. Who knew curiosity could cause so much trouble.