Dead Harvest - Jeanette Battista,  Tracey Phillips
I really enjoyed this book. It was light-hearted, and fun to read. You would think most books with dealings of the Underworld would be dark and deadly, but this one is refreshing.J and T are complete opposites. J is strung tight, shows no emotion, and can be kind of a bitch. T is freaking nuts. She doesn't seem to understand the way things work in the world. T kind of bends her mama's rules to whatever situation she is in. The one thing she is passionate about is cleaning. I've never seen a character so OCD about cleaning as T. The plot is pretty quick paced. The situations T gets herself in are pretty funny. Each time she interacted with anyone, especially J, I had a Bean moment. Which is probably why I liked this book so much. To me it was a little Sherlock Holmes mixed with Mr. Bean. It's got the serious and funny, in equal parts. It's a quick read, and will leave you giggling. (If you are into that sort of dry humor.) I recommend this to all. There's not a lot of language, and there's a funny little gnome. ;)