Otherkin  - Nina Berry
Otherkin took me by surprise. When I began reading, I was completely confused and didn't know if I would like it. I'm glad I stuck with this book. At first I wasn't thrilled by Dez's character. She was insecure and didn't believe in herself. I appreciated the fact that when she was told what she was she kind of freaked out. She didn't just accept it with grace like characters in other books. Dez fights with her identity throughout the book. Even after knowing what she is and getting the grasp of how everything works, she couldn't come to terms with the fact that there's a shadow inside of her. I really enjoyed the spin on shifters. Although, I wished they would have elaborated a bit more on why these people were born with the ability to shift. It was a fresh idea, and they add "callers" to the mix. Callers are able to call the shadows out of Othersphere. I know it sounds confusing here, but it will make sense when you read it. The plot developed at a steady pace. There was instant infatuation that leads to more. The relationships are put together nicely too. When Caleb & Dez meet the other shifters they are met with caution and mistrust. Even though the shifters are from the same "world" they can't stand each other. Dez has to do all she can to bring them together in order go against a common enemy, the Tribunal. There's also a twist, but I saw it coming. I'm sure most of you will also. If you're wanting a shifter book with a little something extra, you should pick this up. It's an easy read with a tad bit of darkness.