Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep
I think I may be on a Southern kick. Spider's Bite is the first book in the Elemental Assassin's series. I fell in love with Estep's Mythos Academy, and had to try out her adult series. It took a while for it to register that these stories take place in the same town. Definite airhead moment on my part. Gin is seriously one bad ass chick! She's confident and gets things done. There are times that I feel awful for her because of her past, but overall I look up to her. Well, her personality, not her awesome assassin abilities. Gin is not usually ruled by her emotions, until something happens to Fletcher, then she's out for blood. She's one violent chick, but her character feels so deeply. In all honesty, I liked Finn much more than I did Detective Caine. Finn is full of life, and laughter. Also, seeing the banter between him and Gin was hysterical. They fought like siblings, and knew each other so well. Detective Caine is a hard ass. He'd have a fun moment with Gin, and then shatter it with his stupid grimace. I wasn't sure what Gin saw in him, but boy did she visualize what she wanted to with him. Helloooooo...... sexy!!!!I am now hooked on yet another series. Spider's Bite is sexy, gritty, and the complete opposite of rainbows and sunshine. I loved every bit of it.