Shift - M.R. Merrick
I read Exiled, and absolutely loved it! After reading Shift, I'm a fan for life! Merrick has managed to bring fantasy and paranormal views together seamlessly. If you loved the action in Exiled, you'll love the action scenes in Shift. Every time Chase and Rayna turn a corner someone is after them. It's that, or Rayna's beast is trying to come to the front. Shift is a little more emotional than Exiled. Chase is trying to deal with losing the person who matter most to him. He's always angry and can't control his elements. Chase also feels guilt about constantly putting those he cares about in danger. I loved Rayna and Willy. Rayna shows a softer side that she tried to hide. She also learns more about herself. Willy finally shows some backbone. I have much respect for him. Tiki tries to fit into this new world, although he hates the clothes. I couldn't help but smirk when he'd be wearing his white pants and rope belt. By the end of the book I wanted to throw Vincent off a cliff. Too bad it wouldn't kill him. At least it'd bring some kind of pain. There are a few new characters also. Chief is caring and willing to help Chase and Rayna as much as he possibly can. Karissa and Garrett are werecats. I think Karissa has a thing for Chase, which could be problematic. Just saying. :D I can't wait to see how all of these new relationships and alliances pan out. Merrick does a fascinating job with the world building. I found myself on edge as Chase and his friends visited a new world. It was a dark and terrifying place. I hope we never have to visit again. If you are a fan of fantasy and paranormal, definitely give this series a try. You won't be disappointed. I don't know why I waited so long to read these books. The story line is pretty EPIC!