Exiled - M.R. Merrick
Darn you, Mr. Merrick! You have caused me to go on an emotional roller coaster!Chase and Rayna are now among some of my favorite characters. They both have so much depth to their emotions. Chase is stubborn and set in his ways, until he encounter with Rayna. He seems to take the new information about the Circle pretty well. There are times when he struggles with what he's known, and the new developments. My one peeve about Chase is that he continuously doubts himself. Rayna is awesome! She's strong, witty, and self-assured. She's a female character I would be happy to have my daughter look up to. The supporting characters weren't lacking either. Some played minor roles, but you could still spot their significance to the plot. Willy is one of my faves. For a half demon, he's harmless. He's got a fear of many things, especially Vincent, the head of the local vampire coven. I hope to find out why Willy initially drew Vincent's attention. The storyline wasn't paced too fast or slow. All events lead to the battle toward the end. With each situation Chase and Rayna are put in, Chase learns from his mistakes and more about himself. This is one of the reasons I love his character. Exiled is a story of loss, betrayal and grief; but also joy and how to find happiness in every day. Definitely grab the tissues though.