Undeadly (Harlequin Teen) - Michele Vail
I love books that are light and fun when dealing with dark topics, such as being a Reaper. Undeadly reminded me of The Mythos Academy Series. I loved the Egyptian Mythology that was brought into the story. I've seen Greek and Roman mythology in YA, but not Egyptian. The plot is pretty faced paced. There aren't many dull moments. Molly is snarky and full of comebacks. That is a quality I like in some of my main characters. :D I love that the setting is in Vegas. A lot of out of the ordinary things happen there, so I don't think there is a better place for Molly to have grown up. I think Molly's friends at Nekyia are pretty awesome. They accept her and not her status. I want to hear more from Ally, Molly's sister. She's to the point and doesn't play games. The book is written in Molly's point of view. Every once in a while we get a peek at her thoughts through her journal. I like that approach. You get to see the level of "Freaked Out" that she is at. Which is a lot with all the information that gets dumped on her. After the way Undeadly ended, I'm anxious to read the sequel. I'm not sure how I feel about Mrs. Chiles, and want to know how she fits into everything.