Demon Royale - Jill  Cooper
Natalie can't catch a break. There is always something happening in her little town. She not only has to deal with vampires, but she also has to find out who's murdering people in the most gruesome way. In Dream Slayer, Natalie and her "alter" faced pretty much the same problem. The actions happened in both dimensions. With Demon Royale, the slayer and Natalie are facing two different problems. The characters are the same, but there are different obstacles. The only characters I really connected with were Natalie and Michelle. Natalie begins to doubt everything about her, and goes through a range of emotions. Michelle proves that she's not completely selfish, and actually cares about her friends. I didn't care for Tristan's attitude. He was a downer, and not like his normal self. There are a ton of mind games at work in the sequel. You learn a few things that may change your opinion of some characters. Most of all, you're left with these questions: who is Sammy, and what is Damien's angle????