Forbidden Life (Forbidden Trilogy, #3) - Kimberly Kinrade
Kimberly has done it yet again! Forbidden Life is my favorite book in the trilogy. My emotions were all over the place while reading. I loved the looks into other characters' point of views.The story line is fast paced and makes you keep reading. I was putting off household duties to finish this book. ;) I absolutely love the characters. I feel like I know them on a personal level. Except Hunter, I MUST know more about him and his hotness. Just sayin'. There's a lot to that boy. Everything comes together in this final installment. Some people aren't who you think they are, and we revisit old friends. I never guessed the events took place. I'm always happy when a book takes me by surprise. Kimberly's writing is awesome, and she has a way of showing every emotion in the character. I love her work, and can't wait to read more about IPI. Follow these special people as they fight for their redemption!