Of Blood and Bone - Courtney Cole
Courtney Cole had me hooked and wanting more.The prologue is what completely piqued my interest. You have a woman trying to help the man she has fallen for. The "darkness" is a scary place for Luca, and he can't remember what happened.Eva is trying to finish her dissertation in on of her favorite childhood places. She has an odd run in with Luca, and becomes instantly infatuated. Eva started getting on my nerves about half way through the book. She goes from a strong independent woman to extremely needy and emotional. There are reasons for this though that are completely valid. it's crazy how love makes you behave.The characters were easy to relate to, and still have opportunity to grow. The setting is absolutely beautiful. Malta is a small coastal town with very friendly people.The story line was set at a great pace. It wasn't rushed or choppy. It flowed easily. And the steamy scenes, oh my.... ;) They were hawt. (It deserves a misspelling. :P) There are a couple of difficult topics, but I think the events added to who the characters are as individuals.The ending left me thinking, "what the eff!" But I can't wait to get my hands on the sequel. It's a great book with awesome writing. :D