Ephemeral (The Countenance, #1) - Addison Moore
The premise of this story is great. It's not like anything I've read before.I can honestly say the character that kept me reading was Cooper. He seems like the only one that is somewhat sane. His character is also easy to like. I spent most of the book wanting to slap Laken. She's fickle and clings to an idea that needs to dissolve. Although I admire her for not believing what others tell her happened. She refuses to give up on her life in Kansas. I started liking her more toward the end of the book. She comes to grips with what she has to do in order to help those she cares about. I absolutely love Cooper's little sister, Marky. She's adorable, bubbly and so full of life. The story had a decent amount of action, enter zombie-like creatures. There weren't any dull moments. It seemed like Laken was getting attacked at every turn from either a Super B at her school, or creepy monsters. One things I know is that sex is a dominant form of attraction in this book. You have to love teen hormones going out of control. I think it was dwelled on a little too much. But, characters like Jen kind of toss around the morality of staying "pure."The story line still intrigues me, even though I couldn't connect with a couple of characters. I recommend this book for older teens due to the sexual thoughts of some of the characters. I will read the sequel in this series.