Forbidden Mind - Kimberly Kinrade
Forbidden Mind is a unique story. There aren't many action scenes. However, this book doesn't need them. Sam can't wait to leave Rent-A-Kid and study art in New York. Drake is determined to win the surfing competition to make his life easier. The man dressed in black changes things for both of them. The characters are well written. Sam is your normal girl ready to live out her dreams. Well, not complete normal. She can read minds. I admire Sam for her bravery. In the same situation, I would have broken down. She's strong and has a need to help others. I appreciate how she doesn't believe everything she's told when things don't add up. Sam begins to question everything she's been told when she forms a mental link with an unconscious boy. Drake helps Sam see the truth in things. He can compel others, but tries not to use his powers unless needed. He forms a link with Sam and they begin to uncover the truth behind Rent-A-Kid. Drake is compassionate and cares about Sam. He isn't trying to use her in order to obtain his freedom. I also loved the best friends of these two. Luke and Lucy are witty and do what they can to help Sam. A girl couldn't ask for more supportive friends. Brad tells Drake what he needs to hear. There's no sugar coating with him. I love characters that are no-nonsense. As I said before, there isn't a lot of action. We spend most of the story following Drake and Sam as they get to know each other sight unseen. There is a bit of a love story, and it really puts things, like looks, into perspective. Sam and Drake are forced to make choices. They have to decide if they can live with the consequences of those choices. There are a few emotional parts. My heart completely broke in a few places. You realize that some people just have an inherent goodness in them. Forbidden Mind is fast paced and leaves you wanting more. I highly suggest this book for readers in their teens and up.