Revolution (Collide, #4) - Shelly Crane
What a great conclusion to the series. This bunker family can't seem to catch a break. It's always something. Just when things start to look grim, they find hope that things will be better. There are a few new unexpected allies that prove to be very useful. Cain and Daniel manage a somewhat truce. And Lily is VERY instrumental in this finale. ;) Even though times seem bleak, there is good news sprinkled throughout this story.You learn more about love and family in this book more than the others. This group of people have stuck together and fought for their survival. Not once have they acted like crazy people. (Well, not all of them.) They have won their battles by standing together.All in all this is a great love story. Yes, there is a sci-fi feel, but the focus is on this group of people and their love for each other.