Catalyst (Collide, #3) - Shelly Crane
This is probably my favorite in the series, so far. There was drama, betrayal, and unexplainable changes. It was great to see Sherry show different emotions. She even got angry, which is something we haven't seen her do. There are more battles, and relationships of those in the bunker change. I liked that there were more battles, and they weren't all Sherry centered. I swear that woman is a magnet for trouble. I have to say, I absolutely adore Lily. She's intelligent and beyond perceptive for her age. I really want to know her part in all of this. The Specials also start fighting alongside their Keepers. Like I said, I loved that there was more action. The thing I love about this series is that Crane lets people die. She doesn't try to keep them alive when they aren't needed so as not to disappoint people. The deaths in the series so far have served a purpose for the rest of this makeshift family. And OH MY WOW what a cliffhanger. I'm excited to see how Revolution ends this series.