Stray  - Rachel Vincent
I absolutely LOVED this book! Rachel Vincent has yet to disappoint me with her writing.The fact that Faythe attends my alma mater is beyond awesome. It's always refreshing knowing the areas Vincent talks about. :D I also found myself trying to figure out what route was being taken when Faythe was taken back home.Anyway, back to the point. Faythe is a kick-ass werecat. She's strong and independent. She does have a tendency to throw fits when she doesn't get her freedom. But what's a girl to do when she wants something else. ;) I love the fact that she stands up for herself in a male dominated world. FFaythe isn't happen when she's forced to go back home under her father's order. She's even less thrilled when she realizes her escort is Marc. There's definitely history between these two.The story is fast paced, and full of warring emotions. Faythe is trying to deal with her loss of freedom, feelings toward Marc and Jace, the disappearance of the tabbies, and the boyfriend she left at UNT. This girl has a lot on her plate, and seems to handle it well considering the circumstances.I did find myself comparing these characters with those in the Soul Screamers Series. I know this is an adult book, but I see similarities in characteristics. If you've read both and done the same, let me know who you think matches up. Here's mine.Faythe --> KayleeMarc --> NashJace --> TodAbby --> EmmaOk, so um, I guess that's it. Go read this book now! Rachel's writing is amazing and I can't wait to see who's ass Faythe kicks next!