Taking Chances - Loni Flowers
Anyone who has ever been to my blog knows I do not read very many contemporary novels. It has to really grab my attention. I'm so happy I had the opportunity to read Taking Chances. It was a great read, and hard to put down.Clair and Alex have had a few bad things happen to them. Clair finds it hard to trust people and believes all guys are the same. They lie, use her, then bail. Even worse, she feels abandoned after her father left their family when she was 13. Alex has had his heart broken in the most terrible way, but can't stop thinking about Clair.I loved these characters. They are stubborn, but their individual weaknesses is what made me fall for them.. I haven't gone through the same things as Clair per say, bu some I have. I can remember being confused and wondering what the hell I was going to do. It's a pretty scary time, especially at 21. It was also nice to see a confident male character that has a vulnerable side. While things moved quickly they weren't instantly in love upon first meeting. They both had insecurities to work through.It didn't take me long to finish Taking Chances. There is romance, heart break, love, loss, and a little twist thrown in. I was in tears off and on while reading, going through their joy and pain.