Bayou Myth - Mary Ann Loesch
I know the cover looks really creepy, and like it will scare the pants off you, but it's not. It's a pretty great book with a lot of "who is actually who" going on. This book is kind of short. It took me a day to read. If I could have sat uninterrupted I would have finished it sooner. Joan is a very likeable character. She's a typical teenager. She only wants to hang out with her BFF and be normal. Being a voodoo priestess, that will likely never happen. She is pretty level headed and tries to do the right thing. A lot of times she ends up under public scrutiny because of this. Joan is constantly mocked and ridiculed because of her religion. I wanted to scream at these kids that picked on her. But she takes it all in stride and handles thing quite nicely. The story line is fast paced and definitely kept my interest. You have the voodoo religion mixed in with Greek mythology. At first I thought it might be too weird to combine these two, but it fed right into the story line. The two thoughts melded great. I was also happy to see a strong family unit. The father was present, and the parents were married. This helped Joan become a strong character because she had a solid foundation based on love. I'm not knocking the family situations in other books, but it was nice to see one that wasn't broken. I'd recommend Bayou Myth to teens and adults alike. There is a bit of cussing, but it isn't excessive and doesn't take away from the plot.