Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins
Thank you to all those that participated in the "What's Next" meme and voted for Hex Hall. I loved this book. Sophie is awesomely snarky.Hex Hall, or Hecate Hall to be formal, is a reform school for witches, shifters, fairies, and a sole vampire. It's where you go when you screw up.Sophie doesn't know much about her father, other than he's a warlock and her mother has kept her from him. When she has a major spell catastrophe she is forced to head to Hecate Hall. She learns the influence her father holds when she begins her classes. Her chance at making friends is pretty much over as soon as everyone finds out who she is.Sophie is a pretty strong lead character. She stands up for herself and her friend, Jenna. She does act without thinking which puts her dangerous situations. Of course you also have your mean girls. They are mad when Sophie rejects their offer to join the coven and proceed to making her life hell. I'm not sure how I feel about Archer. He's an arrogant boy, but I think there may be more to him than what we see.The plot is easily paced. It's not rushed, and doesn't take forever to get to the point. All events lead to the somewhat shocking end. I did not see the threat coming. I had assumptions as to who the culprit of the attacks was, but boy was I wrong.I'd suggest this book if you are wanting something full of sarcasm. It's a fairly quick read, and worth every word. I will be reading Demonglass soon so I can see what unfolds next.