The Selection -
This book reminds me of the Bachelor. The only difference is that it's sort of a lottery. (Hunger Games comes to mind, but without all the death.) America decides to put her name in the lottery for The Selection to appease her mom. She never thought her name would be called. She is forced to leave the love of her life to join a game she doesn't want to be a part of. There are a few things about America that I like and dislike. I think it's great that she sticks to her convictions, and is determined to do what she has to so that her family can receive the extra money. I like seeing her when she's with Maxon and lets her guard down. But she doesn't want to give herself a chance to WANT to be there. She tries to shut out any feelings for the prince as soon as she steps foot in the palace. Prince Maxon has his moments. At times he's a royal brat, but he's also down to earth. He really cares about what happens to his people. He's completely inexperienced when it comes to girls. It's hilarious seeing him in all his awkwardness. Aspen is sweet, but determined. He lost the greatest thing he had, and now he wants her back. The little stunt he pulls before the Selection makes me not really care for him, but it's hard not to. He's the sort you feel comfortable around. There is definitely a love triangle. But it's not the typical boys fight over girl while she tries to figure out who she loves situation. A large part is America trying to get over her feelings of Aspen in order to move on. There wasn't a ton of action, but I'm interested in seeing where America's story leads. I'll be waiting for the next installment of this series.