One Moment - Kristina McBride
I don't read many contemporary novels, but this one caught my attention. It isn't the fluffy book you would expect from just looking at the cover. It's full of secrets, pain and death. Oh and don't forget to add in a dose of betrayal. You see the strength Maggie had to gain in order to overcome the loss of her boyfriend. It is a predictable book. If you see the clues you'll have it figured out quickly. Some of the characters, I felt, weren't necessary to the story. It didn't detract from it though. You also go back and forth to events that happened prior to the accident. Maggie tries to put the puzzle pieces together so she can figure out what happened. One Moment is a quick read that will keep you engrained in the plot. The writing keeps pulling you in so that you can understand why things occurred they way they did.