Awry - Chelsea Fine
Let's see... What can I say about this book besides, "Holy awesome sauce Batman!" This was a great sequel. I loved seeing into the past of Scarlet, Tristan and Gabriel. We also got to see glimpses of Raven (the witch) through Gabriel's eyes. All I saw was a power hungry B, and have no idea how Gabriel could have ever loved her. Tristan has always tried to protect Scarlet, from the first day he saw her. You feel so many emotions while reading this book. Heartbreak, sadness, pain, love. The dynamic in this group seems to change. For better or worse, we don't know yet.... There is also, what I think, the blossoming of new feelings between two characters. I can't wait to see how it plays out! I've always loved Tristan, but Nate is becoming a very close second. He's the greatest geeky character ever, and has a great sense of humor. Even if he's touchy about his toys, I mean "collectibles," he's a quick fave. I'm pretty certain I'm sending in an application to join Team Awesome. ;) I've already warned Chelsea of this. :D Go get this book now! Tell me which Archer brother will make you swoon. At least we only have to wait until December for Avow!