Tempest Unleashed (Tempest, #2) - Tracy Deebs
Such an emotional roller coaster. One minute Tempest is happy as can be and the next she is miserable. There are a ton of trust issues that carry on in the sequel to Tempest Rising. Tempest is still confused about her choices and who she is. She doesn't seem to be able to accept herself and feels like she is split in two. In her eyes, there is no way she'll ever feel like a complete person. The prophecy that's is supposedly about her doesn't help matters either. Kona was less likeable to me in this book. He shows his anger, but doesn't want to willingly give her the reason why. However, he expects Tempest to fill him in on everything. He spazzes when he loses sight of her, and she doesn't tell him exactly what she's feeling or thinking every minute of the day. Mark definitely won brownie points. I had written him off after his jerky moments in TR, but he really does care for Tempest. His actions speak for themselves. Mark also explains some of his behavior in TR. And he did it without Tempest having to badger him the way she has to Kona. I was on edge the entire time Tempest's brother was injured. I'm not going to say which it was, but it definitely tugged on my heart strings. I liked this installment. It was emotionally deeper than the first book. You also see the strength of the friendships Tempest has built. That definitely added points. It's a novel about self discovery that could change everything.