Hellenic Immortal - Gene Doucette
Hellenic Immortal takes place a couple of years after Adam's escape from the compound. Adam has to figure out how to keep an oracle's prediction from happening. She predicts his end, and he can't have that. We learn that Adam has held some pretty impressive names over his life span. (You'll have to read the book to find them out ;). ) We are also introduced to new breeds of creatures including: satyrs, werewolves, and nymphs. During Adam's trips into memory lane we get to see Ancient Greece. Greek history and legends is one of my favorite subjects, and one reason why I loved this book even more. If you think Adam's impending doom means he loses his humor, you are wrong. He is just as witty as ever. I love how when Adam describes past events, he transports you there. Every detail is described, and you get the feeling of the environment. Adam has great story-telling qualities. I just hope he has more stories to share with us. There is a bit of language in this book, but the scenes are pretty tame. If you want more of Adam's smart ass comments and to see how he's going to survive this problem, you need to read this follow up to Immortal.